Friends of the AIIA

bequesters and donors

donateFor more than 75 years, the Australian Institute of International Affairs has been an important voice in the promotion of knowledge and understanding of international affairs. The AIIA continues to provide a vital forum for an Australian outlook on world events through the provision of seminars, lectures and publications.

The AIIA owes an enormous debt of gratitude to the men and women who have helped to strengthen our organisation through donations and bequests. Their generosity and forethought is vital for the continued growth and sustainability of our organisation. That is why, as part of its 75th Anniversary celebrations, the AIIA launched a Friends of the AIIA Society dedicated to recognising and honouring those individuals who have made an outstanding financial contribution to the organisation. If you donate $500 or more, or indicate your intention to leave a bequest to the AIIA, you will be recognised as a Friend of the AIIA in the Annual Review and at AIIA events during the year of your donation. If you have made cumulative contributions of more than $5000 you will be honoured as a Lifetime Friend of the AIIA.

Your contribution, whether modest or substantial, will enable the AIIA to continue to grow. You can also support state or national initiatives such as research projects, scholarships, lecture series or specific interest areas of your choice.

Private donations are crucial to the success of our programs and the day to day operation of our organization. The AIIA welcomes the financial support of members and others who are interested in understanding of international affairs in Australia. Please note that donations to the AIIA are tax deductible.

You can donate to the appeal via our webpage on If you would like to donate to a specific Branch, please list the Branch in the optional information section as “in memory of”.

Nygh Internship

peter-nygh-donate-buttonThe AIIA and the International Law Association (Australian Branch) have announced the Peter Nygh Hague Conference Internshipwhich enables an Australian student or graduate of law to fulfill a sponsored internship with The Hague Conference on Private International Law in the Netherlands. The award was created in the memory of the late Hon. Dr. Peter Nygh AM, a leading international lawyer, judge of the Family Court of Australia, a leading jurist and a rapporteur of The Hague Conference.

Further support for this Internship is welcomed. Initial funding was received by the Nygh family and new partnerships have been established. Our partners currently include the Attorney-General’s Department, which donated $50,000 and Allens Arthur Robinson who generously support the internship by providing legal assistance on a pro bono basis. The Australian Institute of International Affairs and theInternational Law Association (Australian Branch) support the Internship by providing administrative assistance.

Suggested Wording for Bequests

Should you choose to leave a bequest to the Australian Institute of International Affairs; the following wording will assist you. Please remember that it is intended as a guide only. The Australian Institute of International Affairs strongly advises the donor to obtain legal advice when considering the inclusion of a bequest in their will.

“I, [insert full name], give to the Australian Institute of International Affairs (ABN 34 000 045 170) the following: The sum of [amount in words AND $ amount in figures] OR …………% of my total estate. And I declare that the receipt of the Australian Institute of International Affairs be accepted as sufficient discharge for the same. “

If you wish your bequest to be targeted towards a specific area, it is recommended that you include wording such as the following:

“I prefer that these funds be applied towards the following purpose: [add preferred purpose]. If it becomes impracticable for the Australian Institute of International Affairs to continue to direct funds for this purpose, the Institute may apply these funds in other associated areas.”

Thanks in advance for your donation or bequest!