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AIIA Victoria has a variety of resources available online, at Dyason House and in the John Legge Library.

To access articles offering an analysis and fresh perspective on global issues visit the AIIA’s Australian Outlook.

For updates on AIIAV news, link to the President’s Newsletter.

If you wish to view some of our past events, please visit our AIIAV media library.

Read Quarterly Access, the national publication of the youth networks of the AIIA, providing opportunity for students and young professionals to publish in-depth, high-quality articles on global issues of importance.

For information about the Australian Journal of International Affairs, please see our publications.

For The Diplomat, please find details on The Diplomat Website.

On separate pages, we have a list of available papers.

Seminar presentations are now available online as video and audio files on our papers and transcripts page. Recordings of previous presentations are available on our YouTube channel AIIAVision.

For National Publications, please refer to the National Home Page.

Annual Reports

2016: Notice of AGM 2016AIIAV 2015 Minutes AGM 25.11.15; AIIAV 2016 Minutes General Meeting 26.05.2016; AIIAV 2016 Financial Report;  AIIAV 2016 Independent Auditor’s Report; AIIAV 2016 Annual Report 2015-2016

2015: AIIAV 2015 Notice of AGM 25.11.15AIIAV 2014 Minutes AGM 27.11.14; AIIAV 2015 Annual Report 2014-2015; AIIAV 2015 Financial Report

2014AIIAV 2014 AGM NoticeAIIAV 2013 Minutes AGM; AIIAV 2013-2014 Annual Report, AIIAV 2013-2014 Financial Report

2013:  AIIAV-2012—2013-Annual-ReportAIIAV-2013-Annual-Financial-Report

2012:  AIIAV-2011-2012-Annual-Financial-Report;  AIIAV-2011-2012-Annual-Report;  AIIAV-2012-AGM-Notice-22.11.12AIIAV-2011-AGM-Minutes

2011: AIIAV 2010-2011 Annual Financial ReportAIIAV 2010-2011 Annual Report

2010:  AIIAV – 2009-10 Annual Report

2009:  AIIAV 2008-2009 Annual Report;  AIIAV 2008-2009 Annual Report Financial

2008:  AIIAV 2007-2008 Annual Report;

2007:  AIIAV 2006-2007 Annual Report

Document Summaries of Past Functions at the AIIA Victoria

We have hosted a variety of speakers at the AIIAV including international experts, government officials, diplomatic representatives, politicians, business executives, consultants, academics, journalists, writers and activists.

Lists of the speakers hosted by year are also available to download:

AIIAV Past Functions 2008-2009
AIIAV Past Functions 2007-2008
AIIAV Past Functions 2006-2007
AIIAV Past Functions 2005-2006
AIIAV Past Functions 2004-2005
AIIAV Past Functions 2003-2004
AIIAV Past Functions 2002-2003
AIIAV Past Functions 2001-2002
AIIAV Past Functions 2000-2001
AIIAV Past Functions 1999-2000
AIIAV Past Functions 1998-1999
AIIAV Past Functions 1997-1998
AIIAV Past Functions 1996-1997