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  • 1914: The Year the World Ended

    KAISER Wilhem II of Germany was a ``scatterbrained buffoon’’ fond of sabre rattling and scribbling rage-filled rants on the margins of official correspondence. Yet he was a weak, panic-stricken figure when World War I exploded. And like his...

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  • Disasters Without Borders

    Disasters Without Borders

    The international politics, players and history surrounding “disasters” (both broadly- and narrowly-defined) should be of key interest to an Australian audience given our long history of droughts, floods and bushfires.  The issue also has...

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  • Länderbericht Australien

    Länderbericht Australien

    This is an in-depth country report on Australia in German for a German-speaking audience. Its eleven chapters provide a detailed overview of the country’s indigenous and colonial histories; political system; society and Kultur; education,...

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