• The Great Indian Election

    The Great Indian Election

    Democracy was deemed unlikely for India as the country’s grinding poverty and the diversity of its ethnic, religious, caste and linguistic identities were thought to be insurmountable obstacles. Yet nearly seven decades later, flanked by...

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  • Diary of a Foreign Minister

    Diary of a Foreign Minister

    Bob Carr took on the job of Australian foreign minister believing, as he doesn’t hesitate to tell us in his Diary of a Foreign Minister, that it was highly unlikely that he would be there for very long. And although he doesn’t put this in...

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  • Can a Nuclear Armed State Champion the Cause of Nuclear Disarmament?

    Can a Nuclear Armed State Champion the Cause of Nuclear Disarmament?

    The strategic rationale for nuclear weapons has disappeared since the end of the Cold War. The establishment of a global ‘no first-use’ norm would lay the groundwork for further reductions in nuclear arsenals. Forty-four years after the NPT...

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  • Australia’s Free Trade Trophies?

    Australia’s Free Trade Trophies?

    Recent bilateral trade deals will lead to commercial benefits. The next steps are pursuing good multi-party agreements and using the momentum to move the centre of the world trading system back to multilateralism. From much of the recent...

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  • Japan and Australia ‘Beef Up’ Relations

    The Economic Partnership Agreement that Japan recently signed with Australia (JAEPA) has everything to do with Japanese trade strategy and little if anything to do with agricultural reform. Some of the commentary on the agreement has argued...

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  • Hard Won Progress at the Nuclear Security Summits

    The recent Nuclear Security Summit held in the Netherlands achieved notable progress towards global nuclear security, but the long-term goal of a nuclear security regime will require hard work. On 5 April 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama...

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  • Russia And The United States Negotiate The Future Of Ukraine

    Russia And The United States Negotiate The Future Of Ukraine

    While Russia and America have different interests at stake in the Ukraine, this has not prevented both Moscow and Washington reaching out to one another in the hopes of defusing the crisis. It is reminiscent of an earlier era where Russia and...

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  • Women in Australia’s International Affairs

    Decades after formal barriers were removed, women remain demonstrably underrepresented in senior positions in Australia’s international affairs. A number of barriers remain which women and men should work together to overcome. While women...

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  • Thailand’s Elite Coup Culture

    With ongoing conflict in Bangkok, Thai society is confronted with the ghosts of its disrupted democracy. Coups are a peculiarly common feature of the modern Thai political system. For many analysts, Thailand’s 19 modern military coups and...

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  • Australia and the European Union: Beyond the Framework Treaty

    Australia is pursuing significant trade agreements with its Asian neighbours under the mandate of ‘economic diplomacy’, yet is missing out on opportunities through not seeking a potential trade agreement with the EU.   Australia and the EU...

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