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President’s Blog

Trading out of trouble – Australia’s trade diplomacy

Justin Brown, a deputy secretary responsible for trade, investment and economic diplomacy in DFAT, was our guest in an energetic question and answer session at Glover Cottages on Tuesday 21 June. Before the advent of free trade agreements,…


The global economy: a downward spiral?

In a far reaching address on the global economy at Glover Cottages on Tuesday, June 14th, Craig Emerson wondered whether the slow, sluggish performance of the global economy since the Global Financial Crisis presaged a long period of flat …


Rodrigo Duterte – a Philippine Donald Trump?

Our guest at Glover Cottages on 7 June 2016 was Adele Webb, a doctoral researcher at the University of Sydney whose thesis is about Philippine democratic ambivalence. She sees newly-elected Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, as hard to…


An Evening with the interns

On the 31st of May AIIA NSW had our interns present their research to an interested audience at Glover Cottages. Alexander Galitsky discussed the western influences and factors that have allowed Turkey’s current president to deconstruct…


The Brain Game – Australia 2020

Among many things, Professor John Hearn is executive director of the Worldwide Universities Network and chair of the Australia Africa Network. He has been deputy vice chancellor for Research at ANU and for International Affairs at the University…


French Submarines

Before a lively crowd at Glover Cottages on 17 May, I engaged Dr Andrew Davies, Director of ASPI’s Defence and Strategy Program, in a discussion on submarines. Why do we need them, why French, and why twelve? He said submarines remained an…


Ted’s Millennium

At Glover Cottages on 10 May, around 90 former colleagues and friends celebrated the life and literary talent of the late Ted Pocock AM. During his extensive diplomatic career, Ted had among other things been Australian ambassador to the…


Vietnam Today

On 5 May the Institute conducted an informal discussion of Vietnam as part of the groundwork for the Institute’s planned tour of Vietnam in October. The president, Richard Broinowski (a former ambassador to Vietnam), outlined Vietnam’s…


China’s Belt and Road Proposal

May 6, 2016

Background: During a visit to Kazakhstan and Indonesia in October 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed two initiatives to promote greater air, land and sea connectivity between China and Europe. His ‘belt and road’ proposal was formalised during…


Conflict in the Caucasus

April 15, 2016

Sandwiched between Armenia to the west, Azerbaijan to the east, Iran and Turkey to the south, Nagorno-Karabakh is a tiny slip of a country of 11,500 sq km, approximately the size of greater Sydney. It is yet to be recognised by the international…


Taiwan’s First Female President

April 6, 2016

Recent speculation has focused on how Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s first female president, will perform. Dr Parris Chang, president of Taiwan’s Institute for Political, Economic and Strategic Studies analysed the situation at Glover Cottages on…