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  • Aiia wa australian soft power with prof benjamin reilly 25 september 2019 web

    Australian soft power (and soft thinking) in the Indo-Pacific

    Date Wed, 25 Sep 2019
    Time 18:15 – 20:00
    Location The University Club of Western Australia

    Australia is a country with considerable, if under-utilised, reserves of soft power – the ability to achieve influence internationally via attraction rather than compulsion. This presentation will discuss some claims regarding Australian soft power, including our democratic political system, multicultural society, and open economy, all based on broad-based norms of social equality and the rule of law. It will then discuss how these ideas have found their way into recent Australian foreign policy doctrine via recent White Papers, in which norms and values have been elevated to frame the Indo-Pacific region.

    *** Capacity at the venue is limited and door sales may not be available. Pre-purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment!
    This event is being held at the University Club Case Study Room on level 1 ***

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