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  • Union flag and st georges cross2

    Brexit as English Nationalism: England, Euroscepticism and the Anglosphere

    Date 26 Mar 2019
    Time 18:00 – 19:30
    Location Dyason House

    Speaker: Dr Ben Wellings.

    Support for Brexit was higher among those who identify as English rather than British, even after accounting for relevant economic factors.  

    Much of the initial analysis of Brexit concentrated on the populist revolt of those 'left behind' by the benefits of Europeanisation and globalisation.

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  • Orb 2

    US Middle East Policy Under Trump

    Date 01 Apr 2019
    Time 18:00 – 19:30
    Location Dyason House

    Speaker: Michael Doran, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Washington DC.

    President Trump’s announcement in December 2018 of a withdrawal of US forces from Syria shouldn’t necessarily have come as a surprise. Trump has not shied away from his beliefs that extended military operations in the Middle East cost too much for too little return.

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  • Rohingya1

    Is the World Numb to Mass Atrocities?

    Date 03 Apr 2019
    Time 12:00 – 14:00
    Location Dyason House

    Philippe Bolopion, Human Rights Watch in conversation with Michael Bachelard.

    There is no more daunting challenge for the human rights movement than trying to spare civilians from the litany of abuses associated with the raging conflicts of our time, those that are claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and causing millions to flee across international borders. 

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  • Hun sen

    Why China? Cambodia's Foreign Policy Challenges in the next 20 Years

    Date 10 Apr 2019
    Time 18:00 – 19:30
    Location Dyason House

    Ou Virak, Founder of Future Forum with Sue Coffey.

    Prime Minister Hun Sen has governed Cambodia for 34 years.  From late 2017, following his arrest of the main opposition leader, deregistration of the main opposition party, and closure of independent media Cambodia has become a one-party state.

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  • 8879761483 cff2366af8 b

    Protection of Civilians in UN Peace Operations: Progress, Problems and Prospects

    Date 29 May 2019
    Time 18:00 – 19:30
    Location Dyason House

    Dr Charles T. Hunt, RMIT University.

    This year marks twenty years since peacekeepers in Sierra Leone were first mandated to ‘protect civilians from the threat of physical violence.’ Since then, the Protection of Civilians (PoC) has moved from the periphery to becoming a centre of gravity for peace operations, and for the whole UN system.  

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  • 36396494843 57ed5235a4 b

    2019 Australian and Global Politics Essay Competition

    Date 16 Jul 2019
    Time 21:00 – 23:59

    Submission deadline: Tuesday 16 July.

    Attention all secondary school students of Australian and Global Politics!

    Would you like to win up to $500 in prize money and tickets to our 2019 International Careers Conference?

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