ACT Events

  • Soekarno 1959

    The Seven Presidents of Indonesia

    Date Wed, 27 Feb 2019
    Time 18:00 – 19:00
    Location AIIA (ACT Branch)

    Indonesia has had seven presidents since Independence in 1945.  The first two presidents, Sukarno and Soeharto, dominated the governance of Indonesia for 50 years.  Since then, five presidents have led the nation. The seven presidents have been remarkable leaders. They have had strikingly different styles of leadership. They have each served Indonesia in different ways. Overall, the leadership of the seven presidents should surely be judged as very successful.  A key goal for all of them has been to build Indonesia towards the goal of becoming a just and prosperous society (masyarakat yang adil dan makmur).  The whole of the Southeast Asian region, including Australia, has benefited from the successful leadership in Indonesia under the seven presidents of the nation since Independence. 


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  • Abe xi

    The Dilemma between Security and Economy: Japan's Strategy toward the "New Cold War"

    Date Wed, 13 Mar 2019
    Time 18:00 – 19:00
    Location AIIA (ACT Branch)

    Sino-US relations experienced a strategic turning point in 2018. The Chinese expectation that the United States would continue to support free trade, and the US expectation that economic liberalisation in China would eventually lead its democratisation, which had been the foundation of bilateral relations, crumbled. Has a new Cold War started? The United States is the only security ally of Japan, while China is its biggest trading partner. Facing a trade war and a technology war between two giants, Japan’s dilemma between national security and economic prosperity is more and more serious. What strategy does Japan have? What is the goal of Japan’s China policy? How and why are Sino-Japanese relations becoming more stable? Professor Yasuhiro Matsuda will explore these questions.

    Professor Yasuhiro Matsuda is a professor of international politics at the University of Tokyo, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia. He received his PhD in law from the Graduate School of Law at Keio University in Tokyo. He spent 16 years in the National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS), Japan Defense Agency (later, Ministry of...

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  • Secretary of defence greg moriarty

    AIIA ACT Branch Annual Dinner

    Date Tue, 19 Mar 2019
    Time 18:30 – 21:00
    Location The Boat House

    AIIA ACT is delighted to present Mr Greg Moriarty as guest of honour and speaker at our annual dinner.  Mr Moriarty will discuss, “Australia’s Defence Preparation for the Challenges We Face: Strategy, Capability, Resources”.

    Mr Moriarty is Secretary of the Department of Defence. Before his appointment on 4 September 2017, Mr Moriarty held senior roles in the Prime Minister's offce, firstly as the International and National Security Adviser and then as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. As Commonwealth Counter-Terrorism Coordinator in 2015, he coordinated Australia's counter-terrorism...

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