ACT Events

  • Minister bishop and minister wang at foreign and strategic dialogue

    AIIA ACT Branch AGM and Presentation by Professor Clive Hamilton

    Date Thu, 06 Sep 2018
    Time 12:30 – 14:00
    Location AIIA (ACT Branch), Stephen House, 32 Thesiger Court, Deakin ACT

    The 2018 AIIA ACT Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at 12:30 pm on Thursday, 6 September 2018 at the AIIA Conference Centre, Stephen House, 32 Thesiger Court Deakin ACT.

    The President will be stepping down due to his move to the Central Coast. All members are eligible to stand for election to the various offices of Council and participation is encouraged.  Nomination and proxy forms are available on-line at: Nominations have to be received by the Public Officer seven days before the AGM using...

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  • Trump media

    The Changing World of Media in the Realm of Trump

    Date Wed, 12 Sep 2018
    Time 18:00 – 19:00
    Location AIIA (ACT Branch)

    Since Donald Trump came to office on 20 January 2017, the once steady path of journalism and political coverage has been turned on its ear.  Unexpected announcements of “breaking news” often come minute by minute, involving radio, TV, cable, magazines, newsletters, texting with headlines, APPs and a gamut of social media outlets. The relationship between media and rulers in the Realm of Trump is reminiscent of the medieval concept of Prior Restraint, when the king decided what was “news”. Instead of three co-equal branches of government, Trump seems to be moving to centralise all power in himself and in his office, bypassing debate, discussion or public input.  Government-controlled access to the media is used as a weapon, along with “false facts” and secrecy in hiding public information. So much time, talent, and resources are being spent to cover Trump and his entourage that other important news is not being covered.  And lost in the fray is the general public’s inability to discern the differences between propaganda, public relations, press releases and neutral news. How does one navigate this media minefield?

    A US journalist and academic, based in Washington, DC, Kathleen Burns first came to Australia to accompany her FBI husband who was assigned to the American Embassy.  While here, she taught at Canberra University and was also the only US journalist accredited to the Parliamentary Press Galley.  During that time, she wrote more than 500...

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  • Unpeacekeeper

    Hybrids and Cascades: New Thinking on Peacebuilding

    Date Thu, 20 Sep 2018
    Time 18:00 – 19:00
    Location AIIA (ACT Branch)

    On the eve of the International Day of Peace, our panelists will discuss contemporary approaches to peacebuilding highlighted in two recent ANU Press publications, Cascades of Violence: War, Crime and Peacebuilding across South Asia and Hybridity on the Ground in Peacebuilding and Development: Critical Conversations.

    Peacebuilding succeeds or fails according to how well it copes with hybridity and the cascading character of the challenge. Different normative orders and institutions - from justice systems to world views to political orders – can be mutually constitutive in peacebuilding, producing hybrid orders and institutions. Violence cascades across space, time and in inter-scalar cascades....

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