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Rising China: Cooperation and Persuasion

For the last quarter of a century, China’s rise has been shaping and challenging the current world order. As such, there is an expectation that China is seeking greater power and influence. Rising tensions with neighbouring countries as well as in the South China Sea are adding to concerns over China’s security strategy.

On 6 February, the Australian National University hosted “China and International Security: A Dialogue with Distinguished Chinese Scholars”, at which Professor Jia Qingguo was a keynote speaker. The Australian Institute of International Affairs’ Leyang Wang interviewed him to discuss the Sino-America relationship, South China Sea disputes, North Korea and nuclear security and the relationship between China and Australia. 



Professor Jia Qingguo is the Dean of the School of International Studies and Professor of International Relations and Diplomacy at Peking University in China. His research interests include China-US relations, Asia-Pacific studies and Australian studies.

Editor and interviewer: Leyang Wang

Producer: Rory MacNeil

Published April 7, 2016