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Regional Diplomacy Vital to Secure Melanesian Arc

The threat climate change poses to security is felt most acutely in the low-lying islands of the Melanesian Arc. Rising tides and erratic weather patterns are jeopardising the area’s food supply and overall habitability. States in the region need to establish strong ties with countries like Australia to weather the storm.

HE Yogesh Punja, High Commissioner of the Republic of Fiji to Australia, sat down with Claudia Russo of AIIA’s National Office during the recent seminar, Security3: Food Security, Biosecurity and National Security in the Melanesian Arc, to discuss how Fiji—through its relations with Australia—can modernise its prouction methods, maximise its exports and harness the potential of its exclusive economic zone.

HE Yogesh Punja is the High Commissioner of the Republic of Fiji to Australia.

Interviewed by Claudia Russo

Filmed by Susan Kim

Published March 8, 2017