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Security Tensions in East Asia

East Asia is full of tensions including territorial disputes, military build-up and the legacy of past conflict. As Australia increases its capabilities it should keep watch on developments in Japan and the US and how these impact on the complex security questions in the region including relations with China and the Korean peninsula.

Lisa Green of the AIIA’s National Office spoke with US Marine Colonel (Ret’d) Grant Newsham at the Australian National University’s National Security College conference, “Strengthening Australia-Japan-US Strategic Cooperation: Prospects and Challenges”. They spoke about Australia’s amphibious capabilities, Japanese defence funding, US involvement in the East China Sea and tensions around the Korean peninsula.

US Marine Colonel (Ret’d) Grant Newsham was the first US Marine liaison officer to the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force and is currently senior research fellow for the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies.

Interviewed by Lisa Green

Filmed by Madeleine Durand

Published February 2, 2017