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Myanmar’s Political Transition

Since its independence in 1948, Myanmar has undergone a real evolution. From changing its name from Burma, to its transition from military dictatorship, to its economic problems, Myanmar is very different than it was 70 years ago. Today, Myanmar is a much more open state that is now experiencing greater international attention, often pegged as one of the Asian century’s “countries to watch”. With the recent appointment of Aung San Suu Kyi as its new Minister for Foreign Affairs, Myanmar is becoming increasingly well placed to undergo a successful political transition.

On 11 May, Dr Nicholas Farrelly, Ms Jacqueline Menager and Mr Chit Win spoke at the AIIA ACT event, “Myanmar’s Political Transition”. Before the event, the speakers caught up with AIIA ACT intern Sarah Barrie to discuss Myanmar, focusing in particular on their thoughts for the country’s future and how the Australian National University is developing research in the region.

Dr Nicholas Farrelly is Director of the Myanmar Research Centre at the Australian National University’s College of Asia and the Pacific.

Jacqueline Menager and Chit Win are PhD candidates at the Myanmar Research Centre at ANU.

Producer and editor: Leyang Wang

Interviewer: Sarah Barrie

Published May 12, 2016