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More Sinned Against than Sinning: Russia and the West

For centuries Russia has faced threat of invasion from bygone European empires, encroachment from new Western alliances and accusations of hostile meddling. Today, Russia’s resurrected global aspirations and its place in the Asia-Pacific mean it is vital to Australia’s regional diplomatic future.

Neal Reddan of the AIIA’s National Office sat down with Tony Kevin, former Australian ambassador to Poland, to discuss his new book Return to Moscow, Trump’s unpredictable foreign policy, Europe’s violent historical relationship with Russia and the future of Australian-Russian relations in a volatile Asia-Pacific.

Tony Kevin is a former Australian diplomat. He headed the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s policy planning function between 1985 and 1990 and was Australian ambassador to Poland (1991-94) and Cambodia (1994-97).

Interviewed by Neal Reddan

Filmed by Bobby Wen

Published March 14, 2017