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Migration and Australia’s Prosperity

Migration has underpinned Australia’s economic growth since the end of the resources boom. Temporary skilled migrants now comprise 7 per cent of the workforce. However, successive federal governments have constructed a narrative of Australia being tough on immigration and on borders.

There has been a backlash in the UK and the US against migration. Is there a possibility of a similar response in Australia and a similar shift in politics?

George Megalogenis, journalist and author, spoke at the 2016 AIIA National Conference on the topic of ‘Enhancing Australia’s Prosperity’. In this interview with Steven Warwick of the AIIA’s National Office he discussed the role and structure of migration in Australia’s economic development and the potential divisions it may cause.

George Megalogenis is an author and journalist with three decades’ experience in the media. He is the author of  The Australian Moment and Australia’s Second Chance, which together formed the basis for the ABC documentary series Making Australia Great.

Interviewed by Steven Warwick

Filmed by Brendan Martin

Published November 22, 2016