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India-China: A Game of “Go” in the Indian Ocean

The economic and strategic interests of India and China are converging in the Indian Ocean. For India, the nation’s desire for greater power requires a region of the world in which it is predominant; for China, its continuing economic development is dependent on the region for energy security and crucial trade routes.

These interests are driving an economic and military build up across the Indian Ocean. China is building up its military presence in a number of countries and creating a network of foreign bases. India has accused China of “encirclement” in the space and responded by constructing its own series of foreign bases and by reinforcing relationships with traditional allies.

In an interview held at the AIIA’s National Office in Canberra, Dr David Brewster of the National Security College at the ANU discussed how the two country’s interests were manifesting themselves in the Indian Ocean and how their actions resemble a game of “Go”.

Dr David Brewster is a visiting fellow at the National Security College at the Australian National University. He also holds appointments as visiting fellow with the ANU Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, distinguished research fellow with the Australia India Institute, University of Melbourne and fellow with the Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Centre, Canberra.

Interview by Ella Pyman at the AIIA ACT Branch. Filmed by Brendan Martin.

Published August 25, 2016