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Colonialism’s Consequences in African Politics

Since the wave of African independence in the 1950s and 60s, African nations have been forced to deal with the consequences of colonialism. Over the last 10 years this issue has been complicated by the emergence of African jihadism and economic competition between East and West.

African governments are now deciding how best to deal with these developments. While there is much talk of deep cooperation between nations, conflict is still common within some parts of Africa.

AIIA for WA representative, Flavia Zimmerman, sat down with University of Western Australia PhD candidate and participant at the 39th ‘Africa: Moving the Boundaries’ conference, Muhammad Dan Suleiman. They discussed the historical consequences of African colonialism, the effects of Jihadism in Africa and the broader future of the continent.

Muhammed Dan Suleiman is a PhD student at the University of Western Australia. His research areas include West African politics, transnational insurgencies and global security.

 Interviewed by Flavia Zimmerman

 Filmed by Nancye Miles-Tweedie

Published January 9, 2017