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Australia’s Strategic Triage

With tensions in the South China Sea rising, prioritising regional defence strategy goals is more important than ever. Australia’s approach must capitalise on the nation’s strategic position in the Indo-Pacific Arc—an important buffer zone between the maritime interests of two of the region’s great powers, China and India.

The author of Australia’s Defence Strategy: Evaluating Alternatives in a Contested Asia, Dr Adam Lockyer, spoke with Neal Reddan of AIIA’s National Office about Australia’s defence policy, US and China relations, great power contention and the future of Australia’s security.

Dr Adam Lockyer is a senior lecturer on security studies at Macquarie University. He is also a non-resident visiting fellow at the United States Studies Centre.

Lockyer’s new book, Australia’s Defence Strategy: Evaluating Alternatives in a Contested Asia will be launched at AIIA NSW on Tuesday 7 March.

Interviewed by Neal Reddan

Filmed by Bobby Wen

Published February 27, 2017