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Australia and the Trump Era

The Australian alliance with the US is not simply sentimental: it is a transactional arrangement with mutual benefits. If Australia walked away from the alliance, a major rethink of Australia’s foreign and defence policy would be required to replicate the advantages the relationship provides.

Donald Trump’s election has caused shockwaves and uncertainty reigns. What will South Korea and Japan do if the US folds up its nuclear umbrella in Asia? How much will Trump’s foreign policy be dependent on his choice of secretary of state? What will US politics look like for the foreseeable future?

The Hon Kim Beazley AC FAIIA, AIIA National President and former Australian Ambassador to Washington, spoke with Brendan Martin of  AIIA National Office about Trump, the US alliance and US politics. The interview took place before his presentation to the AIIA’s ACT Branch on 30 November on ‘Consequences of the American election‘. Watch the interview or listen to it in podcast form below.

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The Hon Kim Beazley AC FAIIA is the National President of the AIIA and former Australian Ambassador to the United States. He is former minister for defence, deputy prime minister of Australia, leader of the Labor Party and federal opposition leader.

Interviewed by Brendan Martin

Filmed by Rory MacNeil

Published December 1, 2016