Dr Stephen Mills

Expertise: Campaign management, Campaign professionalisation, Political party organisation. Campaign funding, Electoral regulation, Public Sector Leadership

email: stephen.mills@sydney.edu.au

Dr Stephen Mills is the Lecturer in Public Management, Graduate School of Management, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences University of Sydney.

tephen Mills lectures at the Graduate School of Government, responsible for core units Public Sector Leadership since 2008 and Work Based Projects since 2014. He is also a regular contributor to the GSG’sexecutive educationprograms, teaching the module on Governance in the Extractive Industries in Africac and in Sydney. His research covers all aspects of election campaign management, with particular interests in party professionalisation, opinion research, and campaign finances. He is former political journalist, ministerial staffer and corporate affairs specialist. Stephen’s most recent book is “The Professionals: Strategy, Money and the Rise of the Political Campaigner in Australia” (2014). He is also the author of “The New Machine Men: Polls and Persuasion in Australian Politics” (1986) and “The Hawke Years” (1993). He was the co-convenor of the 2nd Australia-New Zealand workshop in Campaign Management and Political Marketing at the University of Sydney, July 2014.

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