Bob Lowry

Bob Lowry is a student of Indonesia politics and the military. Hi is the current president of the AIIA’s ACT Branch.

Bob Lowry grew up in Tasmania before joining the Australian army and served for 30 years before retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 1993.  During his army service he was posted to South Vietnam 1968-69, Singapore 1969-71, and Indonesia 1983-86 and developed an abiding interest in military affairs and politics.

Since 1993 he has been Acting National Director of the Australian Institute of International Affairs 1993-94, Associate Director of the Australian Defence Studies Centre (ADSC) 1997, Senior Analyst for the International Crisis Group in Jakarta 2001, Adviser on National Security in East Timor 2002-03, and Chairman of the Fiji National Security and Defence Review 2003-04.

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