Turkey's long arm and increasing transnational influence in the world




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    Turkey's long arm and increasing transnational influence in the world

    Date Thu, 25 Jul 2019
    Time 18:00 – 19:00
    Location AIIA (ACT Branch)
    In recent years, there has emerged a personalist regime in Turkey that can best be called Erdoganism. Today, Erdoganism controls most public institutions of the Turkish state and society. However, Erdoganism’s goals are not limited to the Turkish context, but extend to the countries and contexts that have either Muslim majority or minority populations, including Turkish as well as Muslim immigrants in the West. The diaspora policies of the AKP can best be understood as components of an Islamist movement trying to mobilise in countries where Muslims live. Turkey’s ruling party AKP has created a transnational social movement: Erdoganist movement. Turkish state institutions (and other organisations, NGOs, GONGOs, etc.) have become the vehicles/structures of this movement. This presentation examines the working of the Erdoganist transnational movement in Muslim-majority and minority settings and tries to answer questions: How does the Erdoganist movement mobilise overseas? What are the main goals of the movement? What type of resources does it draw on to mobilise its constituents? 
    Professor Ihsan Yilmaz is Research Chair of Islamic Studies and Intercultural Dialogue at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation, Deakin University, Melbourne. His current research is focused on Islam-state-society relations in Turkey and among Turkey’s diasporas in the West along with research into local, national and transnational socio-political engagement in Muslim minority communities, particularly in the United Kingdom and Australia. He has also been working on securitization of non-majority ethno-religious identities, Islamist populism, Islamist victimhood and conspiracy theories in Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia. Professor Yilmaz was professor of political science at Istanbul Fatih University (2008-2016), lecturer in law, social sciences and politics at SOAS, University of London (2001-2008), and a fellow at the Center for Islamic Studies, University of Oxford (1999-2001).

    This event is co-hosted with Bluestar Intercultural Centre.

    Refreshments available from 5:30pm

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